Guide: Using The Portal

Secure Portal & File Share Folder for Taxpond LLC

We encourage secure electronic and paperless collaboration with our tax & accounting services for our individual and small business clients. Data security and the protection of your information is important to us.

To assist in sharing and sending electronic documents safely and securely back and forth with one another, we would like to set you up with a secure shared portal folder access and login. This will allow us to share electronic documents securely, with each other, whenever necessary. This folder is a safe and secure way to electronically transfer documents containing sensitive/confidential information (such as payroll information, or documents containing ss#s, etc) back and forth.

After you have been registered, you will receive a separate email about accessing this folder, with your personalized folder link.

You will need to set a password (of your choosing) the first time you login to the folder. Your folder login and password will remain the same, until you change it. If you forget your password, you will have to reset it in the portal, we do not have access to that information, and we cannot directly reset it for you.

Please keep in mind, this folder is not intended to be a permanent storage location for any document.

Documents and items placed in the folder are for safe and secure viewing and transfer/file sharing, and will typically only be stored and available to be accessed or downloaded from the folder for a short temporary amount of time. Typically documents and other items will be deleted from the folder after 14 days. As needed and if necessary, please save a copy of any of the electronic documents placed into this folder, into another secure location for your future reference.

Please refer to the direct link to YOUR personalized encrypted secure file shared folder for file viewing and uploading documents.

You may login to your folder using a browser, or you can also use an app on your phone or an app on your computer.

  • To use the app, download the “Citrix Files” app.
  • When using the phone app, you can take a picture of a document with your phone, and then you can securely upload this document into the portal. This will not save an unsecured picture of the document on your phone, it will only go safely into the secure portal folder.
  • When logging in with the phone app: “Securelogin” is the account subdomain, you will also have to allow the app access to your camera/photos to upload a pic/doc.**TIP – The only way to electronically edit a document, while it is in your portal folder, would be to download and use the app (windows) on your computer. (This edit document option is not currently available while using the phone app or thru the browser access).

After reviewing the instructions, if you still have any questions accessing your folder or uploading documents into the folder, please let us know.

You can always log into a browser, to accesss your portal. **For a link to download an app to use for access, please see the App Store, Google Play, or the Windows store for your device.

App Store:
Google Play:
Windows Store:

We are thankful to be able to assist you with protecting and securing your digital personal information!

Thank you,




Types of files in the portal: