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Responding to Covid-19

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan

Our response and support of the MN “STAY AT HOME” executive order



Though, we will have to admit, we, like the rest of the country, were not quite 100% ready for something of THIS nature or velocity!


Our hearts and prayers go out to each of you, our most valued friends and clients, especially, those who may be facing more extreme realities during these difficult times, perhaps, uncomfortably new and distracting work environments or arrangements, or unexpected unemployment, or government mandated closures of your businesses, the uncertainty now, and threats to your health and that of your loved ones are something we are working towards us getting through this quickly and to become stronger than ever.


Please communicate any of your tax related emergencies with us right away, in that we may be able to prioritize, and evaluate and assist each of you the best we can.


We are constantly aware of and committed to servicing each and every one of our client’s and their needs. Responding to those needs is something that we continue to remain very dedicated to. You rely on us, and we respect you for that and value you for being part of our client family. We care very much about you and won’t let you down.


We are in full support of the MN “STAY AT HOME” executive order issued by our governor, this is aimed to protect us all, the most.


We will continue to work diligently and continue to prepare and review your returns, and will coordinate with you the delivery and the signing steps necessary for the completion of your return. We have plans to help others of you, who may need more expert consult in emergency and disaster preparations for your family or business.


At this time, we request that each of you, our valued clients, communicate first-most with our office by electronic and tele means only. Please restrict ALL face-to-face and physical visits to the office at this time, unless you have first spoken with us about an emergency scheduled visit or, to utilize our locked drop box in the parking lot. Please also remain calm and do not give in to the general panic, and have patience as our nation, our state, and our office, work thru developing and implementing continuity plans; mid-stream; to help keep regular processes and projects moving forward as effectively and as efficiently as possible.


 We plan to keep you informed of the quickly changing laws, news and policies that may have an impact your tax compliance and filing needs and concerns.


Despite the recent distractions and work-arounds that our nation and subsequently, our office, are now facing, be rest assured that and all of us at our TAXPOND office, Stephanie and staff, plan to continue working virtually, just as hard, if not harder, so we may continue to function at a high level in delivering the services needed to meet your tax compliance and reporting needs. We cannot work hard for you, if we get sick. Likewise, we do not want to contribute to the transmission of this disease or be a host either, because we value your health, and the health of your family. We service and work with hundreds and thousands of people. Please stay home, so that we don’t lose any of you, permanently.


As your most trusted tax and financial advisors and consultants, we are considered an essential critical infrastructure workforce, and will continue to remain working hard for you, but must restrict physical office visits at this time, so that we may remain healthy, to continue to be able to offer you these valuable and critical services. At least, until a time, when our country is able to better decipher the full impact of this disease and its transmission. Social distancing is the current practice being recommended by these agencies, who are devoted to the protection of our overall health and welfare.


This pandemic is a very real thing that we are all facing together, and we need to be respectful of it. Please be cognitive of and know that the individual decisions that we each make now will have an impact on many others, more importantly to others who are more vulnerable to the negative impact this disease can contain. WE ALL have the control and the social responsibility in making a positive impact in our communities and our responses can and will drive a positive outcome.


We are PROUD to say that over the past few years, our office has been devoted to investing in MANY new and different ways to best service our clients. Some of those included changes to the traditional sit-in office processes and procedures, the safer handling of your documents and information, employee training procedures, and also changes and additions in the technology that we utilize to better service our clients. These are all things that will help us to continue to better serve you, despite being faced with these recent emergency conditions.


Though, we have only rolled out our technology platform to many of our business clients, we are equipped and able to handle telecommuting, teleconference, and various other electronic coordination means and methods safely and securely. We, along with the world, are evaluating how to best roll these practices out effectively and efficiently to each of our clients, as needed.


Phone, email, mail, fax, and the use of our secure portal are our preferred methods for transferring information back and forth with our valued clients, and it is going to play a key role in being be our office’s first line of attack in responding to this national pandemic. We do not want to help increase the spread of this disease, because we value you and your families, as well as our own health and the people we are in contact with. MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not want to risk the spread of this disease to our more vulnerable friends, and loved ones, who may not be as capable as most in fighting off an infection.


Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.


Take care,

Steph #TaxpondReady