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Current and recurring tax return preparation clients – To most efficiently and effectively assist each of our clients with their specific and unique tax compliance and preparation needs, we encourage you to drop off your tax information and a completed organizer questionnaire at your earliest convenience. We prefer that you bring your information in and drop it off with the friendly staff at our front desk at any time during regular office hours. However, many clients also choose to either mail or electronically submit their tax information and organizer. We understand that life is very BUSY and that you may not be able to stop by during office hours! For your convenience, a secure client drop off box with 24/7 access is located in the client parking lot and is available for you to drop off your information at any time.

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Specialized and individualized consultation with an experienced tax and business advisor is needed and necessary from time-to-time to supplement and enhance your regular tax compliance filing and reporting results. Perhaps you need assistance to trouble shoot and resolve another unique issue. We are here to help, hands on.

A $50 appointment fee will apply for the first 15 minutes of a specialized tax consult session and additional charges will apply accordingly for appointments in need of a longer session. Please contact us by phone or email if you are unsure whether an appointment is necessary to help you meet your needs.

Appointment consult fees are not included in a regular tax return preparation or compliance filing and reporting preparation fee. (In order to provide you with the best quality tax return preparation and compliance reporting, Tax return preparation appointments “while-you-wait” are NOT available).

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